Month: March 2022

EPro8 Challenge – Crane

For EPro8 we created a crane. We started bottom to top to make it less harder. In the process it was quite hard building. We had a few ideas and some of the plans failed but at the end we finished it off. We had extra support on the sides to make the build stable. We also put 4 poles at the bottom to make even more stabilized. We were able to hold a object with the string(the hook), able to hook it up or down, and turn it. This was a fun, confusing challenge.

EPro8 Challenge – Swing

Today was not a normal a day, we did a EPro8 tournament. We developed different builds and we got points for multiple things. We attached two poles on the sides and at the bottom to stabilize it. We also connected two cranks at the top so it would be able to swing. It might’ve looked like easy work but was quite confusing. We didn’t get any points today but glad we completed the swing.