Month: June 2022

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are the clouding of the lens of your eye. This is very common as you get older. Cataracts aren’t life threatening from the fact of just having blurry vision. Blurry vision doesn’t affect anything except for your eye vision. If this is left untreated you will have total blindness. The only treatment for cataract is surgery. Other symptoms are increasing difficulty with vision at night, Sensitivity to light and glare and seeing “halos” around light. 


Three Sieves

Today I have designed a poster to prevent gossip and rumors. It has happened to everyone. Someone always spreads rumors around school, outside of school or even online. This poster is to spread the message and to tell you people to try this method to make sure the information is any use to you.


I have written information about Socrates who was an ancient Greek philosopher. Socrates created a test called the Three Sieves test to see if the gossip or information that’s going to be told is useful or not. He was also famous for quotes and one of them is:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”




The snow is descending down. It’s freezing cold. I take a shortcut down a weird alleyway. The area is empty, no folks around. The snow is crunching as I jump around. Attached to the wall are posters of missing children. I stop at a chalk wall with names of people. I take a hold of a piece of chalk. I whittle my name “Alma” on the wall. I examine the names. In the background I hear a cog turning. I turn back. A doll mysteriously appeared in the shop. I rush to the window. “Hmm,” why is the window shaped as a mouth, I questioned. I stare back at the doll. My mouth dropped. “ What the “ I said shockingly. I press my face to the glass. There’s a doll identical to me.

I look away for a second. I turn back and the doll disappears. I viciously pull on the door handle. The door wouldn’t budge open. I grab a handful of snow. I modify it into a ball and chuck it at the door. I walk away with disappointment. “ Dinnngg” a bell runged. I look back and the door is suddenly open.

I rush to the door. I have a quick glance inside the shop. The door creaking as I gradually open it. There’s ton of frightening dolls inside. I take a step into the shop. It is dusty. There’s no shopkeeper as well. I notice my identical doll. I walk with a careful gait to the doll. My foot gets caught on a doll riding a tricycle. I straighten it back up. It pedals to the old wooden door. It repeatedly pedals towards the doll. 

I focus back on my priority. My heart stops. My identical doll disappeared for the second time. I swiftly analyse the shelves. I spot it. It’s beside a doll with a green jacket and a small lime green umbrella. I surge to the shelf, plunging myself onto a red couch. I bite off the caramel brown glove on my hand. Fully extending my arm. I stretch out and touch the doll’s face.

“ POOF “ my mind went through a cycle that I can’t explain. I look around. Its like looking through a camera lens. I try to move my limbs. I put in more effort but they wont work. I could only move my eyes. Scanning the room I can see another doll pop up in the front window. I realise this whole thing was a trap. I hope the next kid doesn’t fall for this trap.



There were four words and it was: Sacrifice, Hope, Family and Kindness. These are the themes.

We thought and wrote down what came to mind when we saw those words.

One idea for sacrifice: leaving something you love.

One idea for hope: No racism

One idea for family: love and support one another

One idea for kindness: help others

Theres lots more to see. We also read an article from NZ Herald called Refugee Children from Ukraine. I did the same thing but relating the children from Ukraine world to my world.

Here you go:

Sacrifice Family Hope Kindness
  • Leaving something you love
  • Time
  • Giving up something
  • My life
  • Take a bullet
  • Country
  • Belongings
  • Precious items
  • Protect eachother
  • Support
  • 2 loving sisters
  • Same blood
  • Your loved ones
  • Brothers from another mother
  • Annoying cousins
  • No racism
  • No descrimination
  • Free from covid
  • Peace
  • Dont give up
  • Food and drink
  • World peace
  • Never lose confidence
  • Help others
  • Not being mean to others
  • Love one another
  • Cooperating
  • Self love
  • Forgiving
  • Comforting others
  • love



Sacrifice Family Hope Kindness
  • Something your love
  • Time
  • Myself
  • My life
  • My belongings
  • The men(husbands, teenagers, fathers)
  • Your belongings
  • children(not tell the truth about the situation
  • home
  • Brothers from another mother
  • 2 loving sisters
  • Support each other
  • Father and grandfather
  • Parents
  • Children
  • The children and mothers trying to flee the war.
  • No racism
  • No descrimination
  • No more wars
  • World peace
  • Wanting Peace
  • Pray for the bombing to stop
  • The war to end
  • Going home
  • Helping other 
  • Caring for eachother
  • Love one another
  • World vision
  • NZ Herald
  • Other countries helping Ukraine
  • Volunteers

“Were Going On Holiday – “Role on the wall”

I recently read an article from NZ Herald. The article is called “We’re going on Holiday”  The article is about mothers protecting there children by moving them to a different country. They tell there children they are going on a holiday to prevent them knowing there a war happening in there home country.

This picture above is called “Role on the Wall”. The inside is the feelings and the thoughts of the refugee child. The outside part is whats causing them to feel or think like that. These families are going through a rough time, especially the children.