The snow is descending down. It’s freezing cold. I take a shortcut down a weird alleyway. The area is empty, no folks around. The snow is crunching as I jump around. Attached to the wall are posters of missing children. I stop at a chalk wall with names of people. I take a hold of a piece of chalk. I whittle my name “Alma” on the wall. I examine the names. In the background I hear a cog turning. I turn back. A doll mysteriously appeared in the shop. I rush to the window. “Hmm,” why is the window shaped as a mouth, I questioned. I stare back at the doll. My mouth dropped. “ What the “ I said shockingly. I press my face to the glass. There’s a doll identical to me.

I look away for a second. I turn back and the doll disappears. I viciously pull on the door handle. The door wouldn’t budge open. I grab a handful of snow. I modify it into a ball and chuck it at the door. I walk away with disappointment. “ Dinnngg” a bell runged. I look back and the door is suddenly open.

I rush to the door. I have a quick glance inside the shop. The door creaking as I gradually open it. There’s ton of frightening dolls inside. I take a step into the shop. It is dusty. There’s no shopkeeper as well. I notice my identical doll. I walk with a careful gait to the doll. My foot gets caught on a doll riding a tricycle. I straighten it back up. It pedals to the old wooden door. It repeatedly pedals towards the doll. 

I focus back on my priority. My heart stops. My identical doll disappeared for the second time. I swiftly analyse the shelves. I spot it. It’s beside a doll with a green jacket and a small lime green umbrella. I surge to the shelf, plunging myself onto a red couch. I bite off the caramel brown glove on my hand. Fully extending my arm. I stretch out and touch the doll’s face.

“ POOF “ my mind went through a cycle that I can’t explain. I look around. Its like looking through a camera lens. I try to move my limbs. I put in more effort but they wont work. I could only move my eyes. Scanning the room I can see another doll pop up in the front window. I realise this whole thing was a trap. I hope the next kid doesn’t fall for this trap.


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