There were four words and it was: Sacrifice, Hope, Family and Kindness. These are the themes.

We thought and wrote down what came to mind when we saw those words.

One idea for sacrifice: leaving something you love.

One idea for hope: No racism

One idea for family: love and support one another

One idea for kindness: help others

Theres lots more to see. We also read an article from NZ Herald called Refugee Children from Ukraine. I did the same thing but relating the children from Ukraine world to my world.

Here you go:

Sacrifice Family Hope Kindness
  • Leaving something you love
  • Time
  • Giving up something
  • My life
  • Take a bullet
  • Country
  • Belongings
  • Precious items
  • Protect eachother
  • Support
  • 2 loving sisters
  • Same blood
  • Your loved ones
  • Brothers from another mother
  • Annoying cousins
  • No racism
  • No descrimination
  • Free from covid
  • Peace
  • Dont give up
  • Food and drink
  • World peace
  • Never lose confidence
  • Help others
  • Not being mean to others
  • Love one another
  • Cooperating
  • Self love
  • Forgiving
  • Comforting others
  • love



Sacrifice Family Hope Kindness
  • Something your love
  • Time
  • Myself
  • My life
  • My belongings
  • The men(husbands, teenagers, fathers)
  • Your belongings
  • children(not tell the truth about the situation
  • home
  • Brothers from another mother
  • 2 loving sisters
  • Support each other
  • Father and grandfather
  • Parents
  • Children
  • The children and mothers trying to flee the war.
  • No racism
  • No descrimination
  • No more wars
  • World peace
  • Wanting Peace
  • Pray for the bombing to stop
  • The war to end
  • Going home
  • Helping other 
  • Caring for eachother
  • Love one another
  • World vision
  • NZ Herald
  • Other countries helping Ukraine
  • Volunteers

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