Month: September 2022

What Scares You?

We created roll and write poems as a class. My group put together a ‘what scares you’ poem of what each students thought scared them the most. This was a really creative, interesting task and hope to do it again.

Here is the poem I created:

Tupaia | The Master Navigator

I recreated an art piece that was created by Tupaia along time ago in Uawa.  This was Tupaia most famous drawing. In the actual art piece Tupaia drew himself trading a crayfish to Joseph Banks who is trading back a white tapa cloth. Tupaia was a master navigator and a man of mana. He knew how to speak a number of different polynesian languages.

Funeral Train

The funeral train was for Michael Joseph Savage who died on the 27th of March 1940. I marked the 20 points on the map of where Michael Joseph Savage’s funeral train stopped at. Loving people were there as the train traveled so they can support Mr  Joseph Savage as they take him to Bastion point where he was buried.

A letter to my friend

I created this postcard to make my friend Steven feel better. In this postcard I wanted my friend Steven to feel loved and cared about and to tell him that Jesus is there with him. I wrote down a paragraph of Jesus teachings and what he told us. This activity is to also teach others to do something for a friend that is struggling or broken.