Diary Entry 1

A cold misty night. I’m woken up by a terrified, stubborn mother. Still no clue on what’s happening. “Abbas, Abbas wake up, we have to leave. The bus is here.” Eyes still shut, unable to see. Rapidly gripping items that I touch. The sound of hearts beating and heavy breathing. Sprinting out the door to the outside world. Crunching leaves, engine up and running, gas flowing through the air. The Taliban are crazy menacing people who don’t care. Entering the bus, ready to leave. Leaving my home I couldn’t believe. Tears flowing down my mothers face. Trembling with fear. Others pray while others hide away. My mind is a black hole. No thought of words, just silence. With just hope and faith we make it through the night. 

Tampa affair explained: what it meant for asylum seekers.

For this activity I created a diary entry. This diary entry is based on Abbas Nazari who was a 7 years old when he escaped the Taliban. The first diary entry is when I get onto the bus going to the boat.

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