Diary Entry 2

Arriving at the Palapa. Placing our items on the boat all cramping onto a tight spot. There were about 400 of us leaving and we were escaping on a small boat. I was concerned. Our adventure starts not knowing what’s ahead of us. Hours and hours go by. Sadly still nothing. Nothing but just water. The heat was burning us to a crisp. People mumbling, sweat dripping, water splashing, the Palapa tumbling. The haunting smell of sweat horrifies me. This adventure couldn’t get worse. We created a SOS incase we get in contact with rescuers. Without a sound we all look up into the sky. “Hey there’s a plane,” someone yells. Everybody gets up with excitement yelling and screeching. Dolefully, the plane just flies by. With no luck the engine fails. ‘SNAP’ something broke. “The boats coming apart”. The boat starts to collapse. We all panicked trying to stay calm. Morning came. Still safe and alive. Eventually a kind man saved us. Boarding us onto his cargo ship relieved and grateful. We are now all safe on the Tampa.

Journey from refugee to Fulbright scholar - PressReader'Who is New Zealand?': the moment Tampa refugees were told some had a new  home | New Zealand | The Guardian


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